Food and Wine

This is the ‘garden of France'. The land is very fertile, the climate reliable and good. Consequently, the region's gardens, markets and restaurants abound with succulent, flavoursome produce. As well as the most delicious fruit and vegetables, fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean and Loire River and poultry and game all feature prominently on menus. Pork (in many forms as no part of the pig is wasted here!) is a local speciality. This being France, the locals are also fiercely proud of their cheeses. Goats cheese is a particular speciality here not to be missed. And who could forget the local boulangerie – life would not be the same without a baguette or croissant – or even one of those wonderful ‘tartes'!

Take a wander around one of the many local markets and marvel at the displays of fresh produce. There's one in the area every day!

Or enjoy some classic French cuisine at one of the local restaurants, which range from traditional home cooking to Michelin stars – something for everyone's taste and budget.

The region's wine growing tradition dates back to the 5th century and the likes of Chinon, Vouvray, Saumur and Bourgueil are household names. Vines thrive in the fertile soil near the Loire and the wine ages in networks of caves hollowed out in the hillsides. Wine tasting is easy to arrange – and of course most enjoyable. There are various ‘wine events' to look out for, such as 12 themed wine walks held each year on the first weekend in September.


Enjoy the taste of France from the moment you arrive
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Short Breaks
During April, May and October our gites can be rented for short 3-night breaks. Contact us for rates and availability.

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